jesper nybroe

decades of experience - work fast - highly creative - love a good challenge




2019 flame award nominee
2016 flame award nominee
2013 freelance flame artist, remotely
2008 freelance flame artist, worldwide

I wanted to work in a way that made me as efficient as possible and with all my favourite tools within reach.
I am doing everything remotely now. this is by far the most efficient way I've worked. I have 2 workstations with everything I need. upload your shots somewhere and consider it done!

clients include:
a52 - ambassadors - the artery - artjail - hello beautiful jerk - big buoy - Brewster parsons - electric theatre -glassworks - humble - joint - marmalade - notorious - optix - screenscene - tau film - tendril - windmill lane - 1st ave machine


the gyroscope years

2003 - 2008 gyroscope visual effects - owner, flame artist, vfx supervisor

what could I do to 'top' my freelance years?... start my own company!
so I got together with a buddy of mine and together we started gyroscope.
building and starting a company was an incredible experience and something I was very happy that I did. after a couple years i started realising that paperwork, meetings and management took more time than I wanted to spent. I wanted to be able to concentrate 100% on what I love the most, creating beautiful images!


freelance life

1999 - asylum, clear, framestore, glassworks, method - flame artist

after moving back to Denmark I started freelancing.
my very first gig was for glassworks, where I worked on 'all is full of love' by Björk.
after that I worked mostly in la, doing title sequences, features and music videos at asylum.
super bowl commercials and music videos at method.
those years were insane, what a trip!


my London years

1998 smoke & mirrors - flame artist, vfx supervisor
1997 cinesite europe - flame artist, vfx supervisor

after some great learning years at sonne film I was ready for bigger challenges than what was available in Denmark. so I decided to move to London for a year (that ended up being 2 years).
I started my London adventure at cinesite Europe and had an absolute blast there, doing tons of music videos and supervising some great shoots.
the second year I was at smoke & mirrors, working on some amazing projects, commercials, music videos and supervising.


the early years

1993 sonne film, Copenhagen - flame artist
1990 sonne film, Copenhagen - dp422 graphic artist

I started in the vfx industry in 1990.
had 7 awesome years at sonne film in Copenhagen. I started before the transition to digital, so many things that we now take for granted were done manually back then. it took me a year of hard lobby work to get my boss to buy a flame, but he finally surrendered. thanks Michael!
needless to say, my life was never the same after that. this software was mindblowing!
I learned so many things back then that I still use to this day.